Monthly Giving

Giving monthly is the most effective way to ensure the sustainability and growth of our programs. By creating a predictable source of income, you help us grow, outplant, and monitor new corals on the coasts of Bonaire and Klein Bonaire. Your gift means that we can continue actively restoring coral reefs, together.

A recurring monthly gift helps protect and restore Bonaire’s finest assets, its reefs, for generations to come.

Your Donation at Work

When you give to Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire we are able to keep producing and maintaining corals in our innovative nurseries. We strive to make your gift work as hard as we do — cleaning trees, outplanting corals, and monitoring thickets. Your support makes it possible for all of us to continue actively restoring Bonaire’s coral reefs — helping restore coral reef ecosystems, advocating for marine wildlife, and being an integral part of preserving these aquatic treasures for future generations.

Thank you for your support!

Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire is an official ANBI as designated by the Dutch Tax Administration (RSIN 825690468) which can be verified here. Our Fiscal Identification Number is 303074802.