Adopt a Thicket

With your donation you are adopting an outplanted coral thicket.

These outplanted corals will continue growing and restoring the shallow-water coral population of a degraded area of Bonaire’s reef for many years to come. Your thicket will quickly become a haven for some of your favorite small fish and invertebrates. With your adoption you’ll receive:

  • Thank you letter
  • Certificate of Adoption
  • Personalized Underwater Thicket Tag placed on your outplanted coral thicket
  • Digital image of your outplanted thicket
  • Personalized, hand-crafted driftwood sign on the Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire Pole of Fame
  • Recognition in the Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire Annual Report


Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire is an official ANBI as designated by the Dutch Tax Administration (RSIN 825690468) which can be verified here. Our Fiscal Identification Number is 303074802.