Adopt a Coral Thicket

Adopt a Coral Thicket and build a reef.

Support our cause and help us protect and restore the reefs around Bonaire. You can help us and adopt a coral thicket for $1000, and therefore contribute and restore our beautiful reefs. Thanks to the help of our donors, over 18,000 corals grow in our 12 nurseries, more then 170 trees and over 55.000 corals have been already outplanted back to Bonaire’s reefs.

Corals in our nursery are being cared for by our staff and volunteers for six to nine months. When they reach competent size, they are outplanted at restoration sites and regularly monitored.


With your adoption you’ll receive:

coral thicket location

GPS Location of your thicket

You will get the GPS coordinates of the approximate location of your outplanted coral thicket!

Pole of Fame

You will get a personalized, hand-crafted driftwood sign on the Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire Pole of Fame!

adopt a coral thicket

RRFB Annual Report

With your permission, you’ll receive recognition in the Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire Annual Report.

Letter of Appreciation

We appreciate all the help we can get, and $1000 goes a long way. You will receive a letter of appreciation in recognition of your support.

Digital Image of your Thicket

We will send you a beautiful picture of your coral thicket on the reef, where it will grow forever.

Certification of Adoption

You will receive official proof of you coral adoption, with your name or the name of someone else if the donation is a gift.

Yes, I want to Adopt a Coral Thicket

Looking for our other adoption options?
You can also adopt a full coral nursery tree, or even a single coral from our nurseries!


Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire is a non-profit, non-governmental organization located in Bonaire. We have an official ANBI-status as designated by the Dutch Tax Administration (RSIN 825690468), and are accredited as a CAF America Validated Organization. Our Fiscal Identification Number is 303074802. RRFB is also a registered Global Giving non-profit organization as of 2024.