Become a coral reef volunteer

Do more with your diving and become a Reef Renewal volunteer!

Become part of the coral loving efforts at Reef Renewal by joining our volunteer team. As reefs around the world face the threat of die-off, you can make a measurable difference to help out degraded reefs and endangered species. Not only will you make a positive impact on Bonaire’s reefs, but you will also even have fun and learn new skills in the process!

Reef Renewal volunteers help the organization with a myriad of tasks, including assisting Reef Renewal Foundation Bonaire staff in the coral nurseries, helping with maintenance activities, outplanting corals to restoration sites around Bonaire and Klein Bonaire, and more! Each week RRFB updates volunteers with scheduled RRFB-led dives and opportunities for skills updates. Volunteers are also welcome to perform maintenance activities at shore accessible sites during their free time. Our flexible volunteering options make it easy to jump in at your convenience!

Are you interested in becoming a RRFB Volunteer?

Whether you live on Bonaire or are a visitor, you can give back to the reefs. Before becoming a volunteer, you will need to take the Reef Renewal Diver PADI distinctive specialty course, which is offered through our partner dive shops.

We welcome both local and international volunteers; we recommend our visiting volunteers to plan a few weeks on Bonaire with a fellow Reef Renewal Diver certified buddy to get the most out of the volunteering experience but week-long visitors and single divers are invited to join the team too.

Volunteer Prerequisites

Already PADI Reef Renewal certified? Contact us to become part of our volunteer program!