Get involved

Get involved in Reef Restoration

Want to get involved with our foundation and learn about coral reef restoration? There are many ways you can join us and help out. Whether you are interested in getting a glimpse behind the scenes to volunteering on a regular basis - we have got a program just for you!

Reef Renewal Diver Specialty

Want to learn all the skills needed to help restore Bonaire’s reefs? Then the Reef Renewal Diver Specialty is the best way to do so! In this course you’ll learn everything about restoring the reef and putting it straight into practise.

Discover Reef Renewal Dive

During this 1/2 day coral restoration experience, you will learn more about our organization, the reefs around Bonaire, and go on a dive to experience the work we do to protect and restore the reefs.

Volunteer Program

Want to become more involved with coral restoration? Become part of the coral loving team at Reef Renewal by joining our volunteer program and help us with maintaing our coral nursery’s.

Coral Reef Restoration Internship

We offer an internship designed to introduce individuals to the non-profit sector of marine conservation with a focus on the restoration of tropical coral reef ecosystems

Join Our Team

Want to join our multidisciplinary team here in Bonaire? Explore open positions and job details here.